Serving Together, Growing Together.

Step Into My Shoes™ curriculum co-designer, Fuller Youth Institute, found that raising kids with a resilient, "sticky faith" involves generations serving together as families.

Step Into My Shoes™ is designed to nurture spiritual and physical transformation both for those served, and those serving.

Step Into My Shoes™ delivers a peek into the daily life of Ugandan Pastor Tom, his wife Nancy and their 12 children, as they gather water, prepare food, find safety when they sleep, go to school, and enjoy time together.

Step Into My Shoes™ family Kit

Your digital Step Into My Shoes™ Kit includes access to all videos, biblically based teaching and hands-on activities that lets families see God’s bigger world and grow more grateful and generous.


What are other families saying?

“The combination of materials, topics discussed, and video content provided an excellent window into the lives of people living in poverty. I don’t think it could have been better without actually experiencing it first hand.”
Step Into My Shoes™ Participant
“The videos were very stirring to our hearts. Especially to one of my twin boys. He began to earnestly pray for children in poverty and told me he wants to be a Pastor someday. It made us all appreciate what we have in our country.”
Step Into My Shoes™ Participant
“We loved stepping into others shoes and seeing them through the eyes of Jesus. Helped us as a family to remember that Jesus is enough and we are thankful for this program and have already recommended it to others.”
Step Into My Shoes™ Participant
“The videos Enough water and Enough safety had the most impact on our girls. I was most convicted and inspired by the joy of the host family in each of the videos even though they have so little, especially when compared with what we have.”
Step Into My Shoes™ Participant

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  • Moms' Stories
  • Kids' Stories


Who is it for?
Step Into My Shoes™ is for families to do on their own or together with a small group and for churches or schools to do with their whole congregation. While most activities are geared for families with kids ages 5-12, suggestions are provided for how to tailor this to preschool and teen family members.
Why is Compassion doing this?
Compassion’s mission is to release all 400 million children in extreme poverty into who they’re made to be in Jesus’ image—physically and spiritually. To love these children as ourselves means, first, we need to know their family’s stories! In addition, Compassion works solely in partnerships with Christian churches so Step Into My Shoes™ is designed to not only help families grow in serving but also to grow in faith. Early measures show those who did Step Into My Shoes™ grew in serving, reading the Bible, having spiritual conversations, and joining small groups. And many began praying daily for kids in need!
What is the time commitment?
Typically families devote 10 minutes together, over a meal or at bedtime, for a midweek video and devotional. On the weekend, when schedules are freer, there’s a hands-on, eye-opening activity that lasts 30 minutes, or more if a family wants to go deeper.
What is the financial commitment?
Step Into My Shoes™ Family Kit is $19.95 (volume pricing available with group set).
What is included in the Step Into My Shoes™ toolkit?
Your Step Into My Shoes™ Kit includes everything you need to meet your
African host family and discover what it means to “live from God’s enough.”
• Video DVD – Engaging videos featuring Pastor Tom’s family and their daily life
• Map of Uganda
• Journey Guide – Bible-based family devotionals and fun, enriching activities
• Prayer (Shoe)Laces – Wear one and share one to jog your memory to pray for kids in need
• Free 1-year global children’s magazine subscription to connect with kids around the world
How does it help families in need?
Step Into My Shoes™ focuses on God’s purpose and power and then invites us to prayerfully commit to one act of service, either locally or globally. In addition, to keep the transformation going, it provides an ongoing blog, fresh with ideas that keep our families seeing the world through God’s eyes—no passport required.
Keep me updated! How do I find out about new resources?
The Step Into My Shoes™ team has made it easy to keep in touch with additional resources for your family. Sign up now at for access to: Compassion Explorer Magazine and the family journey blog.
How do I get ideas for how to do Step Into My Shoes™?
We would love to hear your feedback. Please email us at or visit Facebook and search StepIntoMyShoes (all one word).

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