Step Into Their Lives.

Experience Their World

A One-of-a-Kind Immersive

Church Poverty Experience.

"The Amount of Material that engaged

Our Families Was Wonderful!"

- Participant

Take Your Church

On a Walk of Discipleship

Welcome to Step Into My Shoes®, an immersive, interactive journey alongside the world’s poor with U.S. church-proven outcomes.

  • Biblical teaching, videos, and hands-on cultural activities help transform your church’s worldview.

  • Helps families of faith see God’s bigger world and live out their faith in practical ways.

  • Grows spiritual formation in families and awakens a heart for global missions.

Explore what it means to be “called.”
Dig into what it means to have “enough.”

What Makes

Step Into My Shoes Unique?

  • Intergenerational

    Good for all ages, growth happens when adults and children come together.

  • Bible-centric

    Rooted in God’s Word, emphasizing spiritual disciplines.

  • Cross-cultural

    Bridging the gap between “here” and “there”, while grasping God’s heart for His world.

  • Hands-on

    Families engaging together — shown to be the best way to create lasting faith in children.

Help families engage in discipleship opportunities at home — FREE!

Participants in the Step Into My Shoes experience — Philippines or Uganda — can get a FREE take-home kit for their journey ($19.95 value, limit one per family, through their local church).

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What church leaders and attendees are saying.

“We are constantly looking for ways to release fully devoted followers of Christ back into the world to make a difference for Jesus…We’ve seen thousands of people start to embrace this whole idea that God wants to use us to serve and love the needy.”
“We didn’t really want to do a VBS, we wanted something that would engage the whole family. And then to have a next step — helping the kids have a real sense of how they can contribute to releasing children from poverty.”
"This multi-sensory experience allows families to be touched in a way that opens their heart to people around the world. It also allows children to see how other children live and how they can become a family with (them) and help them in ways that they never knew was so simple — sponsorship!"

Church-Proven Outcomes

  • Brought kids closer to others’ needs (biblical worldview)
  • Led children to start praying for children in poverty
  • Kids asked for less and gave thanks more (gratitude and generosity)
  • Increased family spiritual conversations
  • A great outreach opportunity and evangelism tool