Who is it For?

Step Into My Shoes® is a tool for church leaders to engage their congregants in spiritual formation by broadening their global perspective. Step Into My Shoes is for congregations of any size and has activities for the entire family.

What is the commitment?

Compassion provides all materials needed for your church’s Step Into My Shoes event at no cost to you. This means that your prep time is minimal. Whether you choose the 4-Step KidMin experience, or the 90-minute Give Back Day, Step Into My Shoes curriculum is flexible with your schedule.

What Is The Financial Commitment?

Step Into My Shoes leader’s guide, resources and the Family Toolkit is free.

What is included in the Step Into My Shoes Family Toolkit?

The Step Into My Shoes Family Toolkit includes everything for families to engage with the curriculum at home:

  • 4 family devotionals including fun, enriching activities
  • Access to immersive videos
  • Country map, and more

How does it help families in my church?

Step Into My Shoes connects your church to people around the world. Through each lesson, your congregation will learn about God’s heart for global poverty.

How will I receive the curriculum and family toolkit kits?

After you register for your Step Into My Shoes event, the leader’s guide and resources will be available as digital downloads. Family toolkits, one for each family participating, will be mailed to your church.

Can I talk to someone about how to use this curriculum with my church?

Yes, contact churches@compassion.com and we will answer your question.