A hands-on spiritual formation

Event For Families

Uganda 90-Minute

Give Back Day

A free, immersive family adventure. Reflect on stories of hardship and joy in Uganda then, test your own poverty survival skills. Discover that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, but living from God’s “enough.”

  • A hands-on journey into the very real challenges of poverty, hosted by Pastor Tom’s family.
  • Experiential simulations that put skin on the problem of poverty and point to a biblical response.
  • Families will dig into the idea that people who own less than us are not “less than.”
  • Helps families grow from “church attenders” to passionate disciples with a global vision of faith in action.
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Your 90-Minute Journey, at a Glance

Activity #1
Comparison Tables

During this first activity, you'll get to experience the difference between having many choices, like we have here in the U.S., compared to having very few choices, like families living in poverty in Uganda.

Activity #2

The Marketplace activity provides an opportunity to experience what it's like to live in poverty. Each participant receives a "character card" (if you're an adult, this will include your job and your daily wage). Then you'll head to the market to purchase food, medicine, school supplies and other items your family needs and wants. You won't be able to afford everything on your meager wages, so you'll need to make some difficult decisions.

Soccer Ball
Activity #3
Soccer Ball

In Uganda, store-bought toys are almost unheard of for families living in poverty. And when they are available, most families cannot afford them. Children make "toys" out of nontraditional materials like scraps of plastic, wood, banana leaves and string. During the Soccer Ball activity, you'll do what children in poverty do — make your own soccer ball!

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