Enough to Enjoy.

Enough to Share.

Step Inside This

4-Step Journey

This KidMin experience opens the door to another world in Lira, Uganda. Your church will be welcomed into the simple life of Pastor Tom, his wife Nancy and their 10 children. Discover what it looks like to go without and what it means to live from God’s “enough.”


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Open the door to a deeply moving experience!

Your Journey, at a Glance

Let’s start our journey

Experience how God gives us enough to enjoy and enough to share – by stepping into our host family's shoes and following in Jesus' footsteps.

Let’s walk for water

Let's gather water and consider how God fills us up to fill others.

Let’s have a sleepover

Let's step into the shoes of our host family to see how, even when we feel vulnerable, Jesus is our enough.

Choose your next step

We can live from enough by following in Jesus' footsteps to care for those in need.

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